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ISL Quick Start

If you have an ISL lecture to give in the next hour and suddenly realised you have absolutely no idea what to do with the technology, then this presentation is for you. It is only 3 minutes in duration.

ISL Quick Tour

This 13 minute presentation introduces you to the ISL theatres at CQU and the options available to you for videoconferencing. It highlights some of the resources available in the ISL theatres. It is a useful session to view as it puts everything into context.

Detailed overview of individual components:

For a more detailed overview of the individual components you should also view the individual presentations on the ISL theatre resources (below). These additional sessions are each between 1 and 2 minutes in duration and they are designed for a 'quick fix' on the different components.

ISL Lectern

ISL Touch Panel

ISL Microphone

ISL Hand Held Microphone

ISL Lapel Microphone

ISL Presenter Camera

ISL Presenter Monitors

ISL Document Camera

ISL Computer

ISL VCR Play Mode

ISL Laptop Computer

ISL Audience Microphone

ISL Audience Camera

ISL Audience Monitors

ISL VCR Record Mode

Technical problems, queries or comments? Email: or call: Shaune Sinclair on ext 6802.